Higher Ground is committed to helping protect your home from water damage. With each gutter cleaning we include a full gutter inspection and we will help diagnose and repair potential rainwater related issues. These measures can prevent costly water damage to your home or office. Higher Ground stands behind the quality and integrity of each job.

Higher Ground offers seasonal maintenance agreements that help keep track of your gutter cleanings so you don't have to.
Higher Ground recently received the Super Service Award from Angie's List for being ranked in the top 4% of all the companies in the U.S.

Downspout Strainer
Gutter systems only work as well as the drain lines they feed into. Accessing drain lines for repair or replacement once they get clogged can be difficult and costly. The best way to insure that you never have to deal with drain line malfunction is to install the Higher Ground downspout strainers. There unique design keeps large debris out while allowing most smaller debris to pass through as well as being tough enough to stand the test of time. They come in galvanized or stainless steel and come with a lifetime guarantee.


Anyone in the South who has allergies knows we probably have more pollen than anywhere in the world. It leaves us each year with a layer of yellow dust coating every window in our homes. Your home's windows are its link to the outside world, letting the beauty of your yard, trees and the natural light from the sun into your home. Clean windows enhance your views and let more light into your home. Also, Higher Ground's service agreements help keep up with your windows insuring that each season they are cleaned and maintained.


The climate here in the Southeast provides the perfect environment for growth of mold mildew and lichen. Having your home or deck pressure washed helps to keep these forces at bay. Proper cleaning done every one to two years will keep your siding or decking from becoming stained, helping your home look bright and new.

Regular pressure washing can take years off the appearance of your home.

Higher Ground specializes in pressure washing all surfaces with attention to detail. To us the safety of your home’s paint and exterior siding is paramount.

Gutter Protection

The Higher Ground Gutter Protection System is constructed of galvanized steel with a black UV resistant coating. It features a diamond shaped grid and is molded to fit inside the gutter, not under the shingles. Other products that slip under the shingles cause premature wear on the roof and don't function on slate, metal or Terracotta roofs. The 4 mm wide debris holes keep out pine and hemlock needles along with all other small debris. Unlike most gutter guard systems the Higher Ground system will capture 100% of your roof's rainwater whether it's a trickle or a downpour.

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Over the years Higher Ground has had experience removing, cleaning or repairing every type of gutter protection system on the market. This experience has led us to two conclusions:

All gutter protection systems need periodic maintenance or they will fail.
The simplest designs have shown to be the most effective.

Higher Ground has developed a gutter protection system that is highly effective and yet less than 1/5th of the price of other big-name gutter guards. Higher Ground Gutter Protection System offers a lifetime guarantee and a maintenance plan to ensure that your gutter guards always function properly.

Unlike other companies that install protection systems, we are not a franchise or a large corporation. Higher Ground is a local company that takes pride in the products and services that we provide our clients. If any of our products are not functioning properly, we will service them promptly and free of charge. The Higher Ground system works and we will stake our reputation on it.

Drainage SolutionsErosion and Drainage Control
Drain lines: unclogged, replaced, installed
Dry creek beds and custom dry stacked stone work installed

In the Southeast the average home sheds up to 150,000 gallons of rainwater each year. If this water is not draining properly, erosion can wash out mulch, ruin landscaping and/or cause severe foundation damage. Higher Ground's experts can help you find solutions for any water drainage issue. We pride ourselves on finding permanent solutions that also add aesthetic value to your home or office.

Drainage Control
French drains collect water and drain it away from your home or office so that it will not erode the foundation.